Our Brand Vision

To be the reliable delivery brand that consumers love as it is value for money, has a good variety of food and is hot and on time every time.

Our Passion

Pizza Hut's expertise in delivering quality pizzas goes as far back as 1986, when we first introduced the concept of home delivery to Singaporeans. Just like how we create delicious pizzas in the kitchen, we're constantly whipping up new ideas to improve our delivery service.

In 2003, we created the revolutionary Hot Pouch that keeps your food hot during the delivery process. A special nylon bag prevents condensation from accumulating, so your pizza remains fresh, while built-in insulated heating elements lock in the pizzas' heat. Combined with the heat-sensitive Hot Dot sticker, you can be doubly sure that your pizzas are delivered hot and fresh.

In 2008, Pizza Hut successfully launched the first pizza online ordering service in Singapore. In the following year, we implemented the “Hot Dot Guarantee”, a promise that all our food will be delivered hot. Using the heat-sensitive Hot Dot sticker, it will transform from its original black to white on pizza box, revaling the word ‘HOT', if the pizza is hot.

With the Hot Guarantee, we've given pizza lovers in Singapore yet another first. Call us a leader or pioneer, but our real number one has always been the customer.

APSN Delta Senior School

In 2011, Pizza Hut was appointed as the ambassador of APSN Delta Senior School (DSS). We are committed to provide DSS students with the chance to work independently and in a team to ensure that they develop skills that will help them in their everyday lives. At present, there are about 7 DSS students working at Pizza Hut restaurants.