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Knotty Cheesy Hawaiian

The all-time favourite gets a festive twist! Dig into succulent pineapple chunks and tender chicken ham, paired with a crust of delightful oozy cheese to send your taste buds singing.

From SGD 28.90

Knotty Cheesy Santa Supreme

Kick off the celebrations with a delectable medley of chicken cheese sausages, turkey bacon, roasted chicken, mixed capsicums, and pineapple rings, complete with an irresistible cheesy crust.

From SGD 28.90

Texas BBQ Pulled Beef

Savoury Pulled Beef with roasted onions and sweet cherry tomatoes on a San Francisco (SFO) style dough. Dressed with Smokey BBQ sauce and you're off to the wild wild west.

From SGD 23.90

California Veggie & Chic

The good ol' Californian style of wild mushrooms, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach on the new San Francisco (SFO) style dough.

From SGD 23.90

Tropical Dream

The perfect combination of chunky honey chicken ham and roasted pineapples with roasted onions, cream cheese and a drizzle of mango puree on the new San Francisco (SFO) style dough.

From SGD 23.90
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